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Landscaping for Property Value in Boalsburg, PA, and State College, PA

Are you looking to increase your home's value? Consider landscaping. Landscaping for property value in Boalsburg, PA, and State College, PA, is a fantastic way to enhance the beauty and worth of your home. 

Picture stepping into your outdoor space and being greeted by a lush landscape that makes a stellar first impression. A well-designed landscape in PA can transform your property and captivate potential buyers.

Landscaping is about creating an inviting outdoor living space that complements your home. The curb appeal of your front yard can make a significant impact on how your property is perceived. Let’s explore how landscaping can add value and charm to your property.

Key Takeaways

  • Professional landscaping can increase your home's value by 15% to 20%.

  • Custom outdoor living spaces like patios, decks, and water features create inviting areas that captivate potential buyers.

  • Hiring professional landscapers ensures high-quality service, attention to detail, and timely completion, transforming your outdoor space into a beautiful retreat.

How Landscaping Can Increase Your Home's Value

An image showing the home value increasing

Landscaping is one of the best investments for enhancing your home’s value. According to the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), professional landscaping can increase your home’s price by 15% to 20% at resale. That's a significant return on investment.

Key Elements of Quality Landscaping

When it comes to increasing your home’s value, a well-thought-out landscaping project can make all the difference. Here are some key elements to consider:

Curb appeal and a welcoming front yard

A beautifully maintained front yard is crucial for making a great first impression. Incorporating elements like native plants, colorful flowers, and lush green grass can enhance your home's curb appeal. 

Regular lawn care and weed control are essential services that keep your yard looking its best and appealing to potential buyers.

Create inviting outdoor living spaces

Outdoor living spaces such as patios, decks, and outdoor kitchens provide excellent areas for relaxation and entertaining. These features add significant value to your property by creating additional functional spaces that buyers find attractive. 

Functional and aesthetic benefits of retaining walls and hardscaping

Retaining walls and other hardscaping elements like walkways and stone patios offer both practical and visual benefits. 

They help with erosion control, define outdoor areas, and contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of your landscape. 

Add serenity with water features

Water features, such as ponds, fountains, or small waterfalls, can elevate your landscape by adding a touch of tranquility. These elements enhance the beauty of your yard and create a soothing environment that can appeal to buyers looking for a serene outdoor space.

Landscaping Design Tips for Homeowners

Creating a beautiful and functional outdoor space can be a rewarding landscaping project. Here are some friendly tips to help you transform your State College, PA, and Boalsburg, PA yard into a stunning retreat.

Native plants for low maintenance

Using native plants in your landscape design has many benefits. Native plants are well-adapted to the local climate and soil, which means they require less water and maintenance. 

They thrive naturally in Pennsylvania and make your lawn care routine easier and more sustainable. Plus, they provide habitat for local wildlife, adding a touch of nature to your yard.

Mulch for a neat look

Mulching is essential for maintaining a neat and tidy front yard. It helps retain moisture in the soil, suppress weeds, and protect plant roots. Mulch also adds a finished look to your landscaping work, enhancing the overall aesthetic. 

Regular mulching with quality products can make a significant difference in how your outdoor space looks and feels.

Grass seed and lawn care

Achieving a lush, green lawn starts with selecting the right grass seed. Consider using a blend suited for the climate in Centre County. 

Proper lawn care, including regular mowing, watering, and fertilizing, ensures your grass stays healthy and vibrant. 

Add color and texture

Incorporating flowers and shrubs into your landscape design adds color and texture, creating visual interest. Choose a variety of plants that bloom at different times to enjoy a colorful display year-round. 

Combining different textures and heights also adds depth to your landscape, making it more engaging and attractive.

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Landscapers

A home with beautiful landscaping

When it comes to transforming your outdoor living space, hiring professional landscapers can make a world of difference. Here’s why:

Expertise and knowledge

Professional landscapers bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge to your project. They understand the best plants for your region, how to design for optimal aesthetics and functionality, and how to address any challenges, such as drainage issues or pest control. 

High standards and attention to detail

Professional landscapers bring expertise and precision to every project, ensuring the highest standards of quality service. At Landscape II, we focus on all the details to create stunning landscapes that truly stand out. 

Our team specializes in everything from landscape design to installation, providing a comprehensive service that guarantees an excellent job every time.

Efficient and timely project completion

Time is valuable, and professional landscapers understand this. Our team at Landscape II prides itself on completing projects efficiently and in a timely manner. 

We know that homeowners want their outdoor spaces ready for enjoyment as soon as possible, so we prioritize getting the job done promptly without sacrificing quality.

Custom designs with endless possibilities

One of the biggest benefits of hiring professionals is the ability to create custom designs tailored to individual needs and preferences. Our designers work closely with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring your outdoor space reflects your personal style and meets your needs.

Landscape II: Professional Landscape Services

Keeping your outdoor space looking great can be a real challenge, especially with stubborn weeds and winter snow piling up. That's where Landscape II comes in. 

We offer comprehensive landscape services to make your life easier and enhance your property's value. 

Our team excels in landscape design, installation, and regular maintenance, ensuring your yard is always in top shape. From creating lush lawns to custom outdoor living spaces, we bring your vision to life with care and precision.

We also offer snow removal and weed control services to keep your property pristine year-round. We focus on every detail, delivering high-quality service with a personal touch. Plus, estimates are free, and we tailor our services to meet your unique needs. 

Enhance your home's curb appeal and create inviting outdoor spaces to significantly increase your property's value. Don't let yard maintenance challenges hold you back. Call us today for a free estimate and see how Landscape II can transform your outdoor space.


Investing in professional landscaping enhances your home's beauty and curb appeal and significantly increases its value. With services ranging from landscape design and installation to regular maintenance and snow removal, Landscape II ensures your outdoor space remains pristine and inviting year-round. 

Our team focuses on every detail to bring your vision to life, whether it's lush lawns, custom patios, or serene water gardens. Serving homeowners in Boalsburg, PA, and State College, PA, we are dedicated to providing top-quality service with a personal touch. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What landscaping adds the most value to a home?

Landscaping that adds the most value to a home includes features such as well-maintained lawns, native plants, colorful flowers, and functional outdoor living spaces like patios and decks.

Adding water features, retaining walls, and strategic lighting also significantly enhances curb appeal and overall property value.

What state pays the most for landscaping?

California is known to pay the most for landscaping services due to its large number of high-value properties and a climate that supports year-round landscaping activities. 

The demand for extensive and unique landscape designs in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco drives up the cost of professional landscaping services.

What makes a successful landscape?

A successful landscape combines aesthetic appeal with functionality, incorporating elements like native plants, proper irrigation, and hardscaping features such as patios and walkways. 

It should enhance the property’s natural beauty while being sustainable and easy to maintain, tailored to the homeowner’s needs and preferences.

What are the disadvantages of landscaping?

Landscaping can be expensive and time-consuming, requiring regular maintenance and upkeep. It can also lead to increased water usage, especially in dry climates. Poorly planned landscaping can also cause drainage issues and attract pests.

Why are landscapes valued?

Landscapes are valued for their ability to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a property. 

They provide outdoor living spaces, improve mental well-being, support local ecosystems, and can significantly increase property value by creating an inviting and attractive environment.

What is landscape aesthetic value?

Landscape aesthetic value refers to the visual and sensory appeal of a landscaped area. 

It includes the beauty of natural elements like plants, trees, and water features, as well as the design and layout that create a harmonious and pleasing environment. This value enhances enjoyment, relaxation, and the overall appeal of a property.


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