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Newly Sodded Lawn Care Instructions

Sod Care Instructions

Your new sod requires a great deal of water in the first couple of days and will die if not properly watered.


New sod should be flooded with water as soon as you have a large enough area for the sprinkler to cover. Do not wait until all the sod is laid. This may take to long and the roots may begin to dry out. It should be thoroughly soaked at all times so the soil underneath is wet for the first 10 days. This allows the roots to penetrate and grow in the soft soil. After 14 days every couple of days should be sufficient. Of course this all depends on Mother Nature.

After the lawn is established Bluegrass sod requires ½” water twice per week. Fescue sod requires 1 ½” of water once every other week.

When to Water

The best time is during the morning hours between 5:00 am and 10:00 am. The worst time is during the night. You should water in frequently and seep. This encourages the roots to chase deep into the soil for the water and nutrients.


After the sod is installed wait about 14 days to do the first mowing. Let the lawn dry so you don’t make ruts with the mower. Set the mower to the highest setting so you don’t scalp the grass. Gradually lower the mower height each week to the recommended height.

Bluegrass should be mowed at about 2 ½” in the spring and fall and at 3” in the summer. Fescue should be mowed at about 3” in the spring and fall and at 4” in the summer.


Start a regular fertilization program 30-60 days after installation.

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