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Design Services

Landscape II is the only residential Design Build Company in the area with Registered Landscape Architects. Together we have over 75 Years of experience in residential design.  When you schedule an appointment, one of our architects will set up a time to meet with you at your site. To book your free consultation today, navigate to the Contact Us tab!

Initial Consultation:

Landscape II offers a free one-hour consultation for clients that live in Centre County.  It is helpful to have an idea about what you are envisioning before our initial meeting.

Preliminary Design:

This service consists of a conceptual drawing that encompasses the entire preliminary design and all of the features on the new plan. This includes all of the "bones" of the space (i.e. fences, decks, patios, walkways, walls, landscape beds, and critical plantings). Please note, this may not include all plants, specifically seasonal and perennial plantings.  This service starts at $250 and examples are located below.

Master Plan:

Master planning can be very helpful in developing an overarching theme to your property.  A master plan provides specific sets of trees, shrubs, critical perennials and hardscaping. All of our master plans can be broken down into phases, which can then be installed based upon preference or budgetary restraints. The service fee is relative to the scope of the work, which will be discussed at the initial consultation. 


This is a service beyond the initial consultation that is completed after the designated areas have been defined.  Services include site specifications on all detailed areas. This service is especially important in decking design, intricate hardscape and/or perennial and cut-flower gardens.  Our consulting fee is $75/hour.

Design Imaging:

Landscape II offers an optional service of an advanced Landscape Imaging rendering. This service gives customers a three-dimensional perspective of what their landscaping is projected to look like. These images are a great tool for understanding the power of curb appeal!

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Perspective Renderings
Design Samples
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